Welcome to "Jen’s Dish"

Hi Welcome to my blog! (Wow, was this easy….)

This will accompany my weekly radio show, “Jen’s Dish”, which airs live every Wednesday at 9am until 10am (EST) on WNRI 1380am or find me live at

“Jen’s Dish” is an hour long live radio show all about FOOD. I talk about shopping, cooking & eating. During the hour, You’ll come with me on “Foodie Field trips”, you’ll meet with “Special Guests”, You’ll learn about the latest kitchen gadgets in my “Counter Space” segment and more. You can even call in and talk to us live!

I hope you get a chance to listen in. Check here for weekly recipes, upcoming topics, special guests and much, much more.

Please use this blog to send me your comments and suggestions! I would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, buy local, cook fresh, eat well!
Jen Huntley-Corbin

8 thoughts on “Welcome to "Jen’s Dish"

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Another great show! Who would have thought that I would be your first post. I look forward to hearing your program every week. Keep up the great work and Go Bucks! I miss you! Debbie


  2. Hi Jen
    This is Simone and I wanted to thank you for the turkey that I won on your show. It is beautiful. We especially like going to Whole Foods market to pick it up as we had never been there before,and the store is absoulutely beautiful and their customer service is second to none.
    The turkey was so good. Its no wonder that the White House uses these turkeys for the their Thanksgiving meal.
    Thanks so much for you show. I really enjoy listening to it.


  3. Aloha Jen,

    Looks like your blog is getting some attention! That’s great! What’s in store for next weeks radio show??

    Aloha from Maui!


  4. Hello from your biggest fan in San Diego! I promise to put all your recipes to good use once I STOP eating out and START cooking for myself! 🙂 I think you are the best new thing to hit the air waves – Oprah and Friends, watch out! Keep cookin’ –


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