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Edible Holiday Gifts

Hi!I really need to update my blog more frequently! Just takes a bit of getting used to. Thanks so much for the comments. Keep them coming! 🙂
Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. My guest will be Licette Comanzo Walker of Comanzo Biscotti. Delicious & beautifully packaged cookies ready to dunk in your morning cup of joe! Her biscotti are served at Harpo Studios to all of the guests and employees!!!! Looking forward to making some edible gifts this week. I really enjoy making chutney & spiced nuts. Cookies & truffles are easy & fun as well.
I’ll be giving some great foodie gift ideas tomorrow, so try to listen in! I will also be heading up to Whole Foods Bellingham tomorrow evening (weds. dec. 6), for a Holiday themed ladie’s night out! Looking forward to promoting the show & helping folks pick out some great gifts. Well, i must go now, I have to write two more ads for the show. Until next next time,
Buy Local, Eat Fresh!

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