Last week’s Encore Awards were so much fun! I got to meet some folks I have always wanted to, and say hi to some friends and former guests. The food was fabulous as was the entertainment.

Tina Wright of Wright Martini Media

Heather and Tom Toupin of White Electric Coffee in Providence.
Terrific Coffee!!!!!!

Gail Hulbert, Marketing Director, Gamm Theatre and Jan Faust, writer of eat. shop. rhode island.

Maria Evans, Executive Sous Chef, Castle Hill Inn & Resort, Newport.
She made some amazing scallops!

Joe Hafner, Executive Chef, GRACIE’S, Providence.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Sanjiv Dhar, Executive Chef & Owner of Rasoi Restaurant in Pawtucket, RI will be my guest. We will learn all about Indian Cuisine & how varied it can be. I’ll be sipping some hot chai and hoping for a yummy samosa to eat!

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  1. Jen – Looks like you had a wonderful time, and you look great! Your show is very amusing, organized and informative. I enjoy listening. Thanks – the other Jennifer C.


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