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March 7th’s show

Pictured at left is my guest from March 7th, Sanjiv Dhar, the owner and Executive Chef of Rasoi. A terrific new restaurant in Pawtucket, RI. Rasoi, Hindi for kitchen is the fruition of a dream by Chef Sanjiv Dhar and his team to balance healthy food, personalized service and Indian culture. The menu is traditional and creative and features diverse regions of India.
For example:
Rasoi features coastal cuisine of India where boiling and steaming are preferred to frying and where people can specify just how spicy their meals are to be.
In the west of India, fish is considered to be an essential component of every meal so get ready for plenty of seafood choices you have probably never tried before.
In nearby Gujrat, most of the population is Vegetarian so dishes are simpler, healthier and nutritional, accompanied by a range of breads.
In Northern India meat is popular and the Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisine features hearty and wholesome meat dishes.
He brought a trio of dishes for me to try; Chicken Tikka Lababdar, which my 9 year old devoured and now asks for every night! Lamb Saag, cubes of lamb cooked in a Punjabi style spinach puree (smooth and heavenly), and Gujarati Mango Curry, fresh vegetables stewed in a mango curry infused with jaggery and gujarati garam masala, a delicious combination of sweet and spicy! All were served with a light basmati rice.
If you would like to know more about Indian Cuisine and you live in the Rhode Island area, you can take a cooking class at Rasoi! The next class will be held on March 31st and will feature regional cuisines of the Northern and Southern parts of India. If I have wetted your appetite for Indian Food and you would like more information about Rasoi, check out their website:

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