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Sunday in The Park With: Emma, Zoe, and Jim

A few Sundays ago, Jim suggested we all go ice skating! Ooooh fun, I thought. I used to go all the time when I was growing up. We bundled up and headed over to
The Bank of America City Center in Providence, rented some skates and took to the ice! Emma skated pretty well (read: didn’t fall down much!) for someone that has hardly ever skated. Jim spent most of the time holding Zoe’s hands, while she let him pull her along. Me? Well, I was shaky at first, pretty sure I was going to fall quite a bit. But then I remembered the times growing up in Vermont when I would go to the skating rink at Living Memorial Park. I was there pretty much every weekend during the winter season. Took some lessons and was pretty sure I was going to become the next Dorothy Hamill (I mean come on, I had the hairstyle!)! Ok, I wasn’t that good, but at least I didn’t fall down all the time. The awesome music playing that afternoon took me back to my Jr. High & High School days when my friends and I would try to catch the attention of the high school hockey players waiting for ice time. Just as I was getting into the swing of things, feeling very confident on my ice skates, a 4 year old youngster dressed in full hockey regalia, whizzed by, almost knocking me over and brought me back to reality! Alas, no winter Olympic medal for me this year, but we did have fun! The best part was snack time! We enjoyed some yummy Sugar Cookies that Jim and Zoe had made the day before. Soon our legs couldn’t keep us up much longer so we packed up, headed home and warmed our insides with cups of hot cocoa. Jim and I enjoyed
Garrison Confections’ Spicy Hot Chocolate and the girls drank their steaming cups of Swiss Miss topped with mini marshmallows. A lovely way to end the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Sunday in The Park With: Emma, Zoe, and Jim

  1. How excited am I? I went to your blog to check things out and lots of great new updates! Thanks so much. I have been wanting to ice skate too! How ironic. I hope these comments find you all well. Love ya – Debbie


  2. Jen,
    Did you ever going skaing at Skate 3? I don’t know why I don’t take my boys more often! Thanks for the memories and the cooking inspiration!
    Michelle JOhnson


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