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Saturday Market Report: Hope St.

Stopped by the Saturday market today at Hope High. It is always “old home days” when I go. Bound to run into at least one person I know! After saying hi to my friend Perry (who was selling his steamers, oysters and littlenecks), I ran into David Gracer, “The Bug Guy” he filled me on all of the exciting happenings in his Bug world.
I then proceeded to scope out the scene. I like to look at everything first, at all of the stands and then figure out, what I would like, what I need, and which stand I will get it from. Everything looked so good! Woodstock Farms had sour cherries, peaches, summer squash and more. I opted for peaches, tomatoes, green peppers and some squash.
I saw my friend Alden, and we talked about our favorite summer veggies and salads. She purchased some beets today. She told me, she likes to cook them (boil) and then cut them up and leave them in the fridge to use in salads or just to simply munch on. She also told me about this chicken salad she makes mixing yogurt, mayo and curry powder together. She then adds the cooked, chopped chicken, diced mango and some sliced or slivered almonds for extra crunch. Served on some Ciabatta bread (Whole Foods had loaves for $.99!) or a bed of nice greens you have a refreshing easy summertime meal!
Narragansett Creamery was there, selling a wide array of their locally made cheeses. I was dying to try their newest addition: fresh mozzarella. Alas, the line was too long and I needed to get going. Maybe next time! I did stop at the Arcadian Fields stand and purchased some beautiful basil and a Diva cucumber (slightly sweet with no bitterness!). Jim is now busy now making some pesto and I am using the cucumber in some tasty tabbouleh.

Hope you had a chance to visit your local farmers market this weekend and are at home, or at the beach, enjoying the local bounty.
Have a great one!

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