Warm your Soul

I recently found a recipe for corn chowder and vowed to make some before the summer was officially OVER! Since my sister-in-law Jen was visiting from Florida, I figured now is as good a time as any!
I purchased some end- of- season corn from Hill Orchards at the Hope St. Farmer’s Market.
I also picked up some in-house baked/smoked turkey from Lee’s Market in Westport, MA. I love going into that market. I always find some new locally made products & gourmet goodies there. After spending the better part of the day interviewing farmers and researching local potatoes for Farm Fresh RI. i came home and decided to cook up a storm! I must say, this chowder was fabulous!!! Jim said it was the best soup I have ever made (and i have made some great ones!!!!), even Emma thought it was fantastic!!!
Whether we like it or not the chilly weather is slowly creeping up on us here in New England (it is supposed to be 37 degrees tonight!), so find some corn, local potatoes and warm up your body and soul with this easy to make; hearty, creamy chowder. I found the recipe this summer in Wondertime Magazine.

I hope you get to make some soon! Please let me know what you think! ENJOY……

One thought on “Warm your Soul

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