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Sushi and Celebration

I love dinner parties. I would host one every week if i could. But alas, my husband isn’t as keen on them as I (perhaps it is the amount of dishes I use.) Thankfully, we get invited to other people’s dinner parties every so often and that satiates me for a little while.

Recently our friends Erin And Raoul had us over to their house to celebrate Raoul’s birthday and the election of Barack Obama as our new President-Elect.

Erin started the evening out with some chilled Veuve Clicquot (I never turn down champagne!) and hand rolled Sushi(Norimaki). It was her first time making Sushi and she did a splendid job. Nori rolls are perfect party food and very simple to make.

A few years ago I received a cookbook entitled Easy Sushi(pub. Ryland Peters & Small)by Emi Kazuko. I highly recommend this book. The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are easy to follow.

We easily finished off the champagne and sushi and went on to fondue! This was no ordinary cheese fondue. This was hot-oil fondue with marinated beef and shrimp. The oil sizzled as we added our fork pronged meat and shrimp. The beef and shrimp cooked in no time and we proceeded to dip them into a teriyaki style sauce. Yummy!!!

We ended the evening with Pomegranate Martinis and Belgian Chocolates.
Aw, I could get used to this!

In addition to rolling a mean norimaki, Erin Starr is a very talented artist whose work will be exhibited at Gallery Z’s Holiday Show this Thursday Nov. 20th from 5:00 to 9:00 They will be serving food from Bacaro Restaurant.
Hope to see you there!

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