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Happy Thanksgiving from Jen!

It is 6am and i am wishing and hoping for a Butterball radio station. It isn’t that i need help with my Turkey. Think i am all set in that department. It is just very early and still dark outside, and as I unwrap my Turkey to get started, I would love to listen to others talk about food ad Turkey! NPR will have to do I guess.
What’s on your menu this morning? As soon as the Turkey gets to room temperature, i will be rubbing an herb mixture under the skin (marjoram, thyme, sage and some s&p)and then coating the outside with butter. I will then stick the 20 lb. (I know, it is HUGE Turkey for 8 adults: lots of leftovers!)Turkey in a 350 degree oven (turning 180 degrees 3 times) for about 5hrs.
Is the coffee ready yet?
My sides today are surprisingly basic: mashed potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, honey glazed carrots, herb stuffing and my own cranberry sauce(please check out the video-up above and to the right-that I made) with orange zest and ginger. My Grandmother is bringing her famous Broccoli and cheese casserole. My Mom has made 2 pies: Apple and Pumpkin and my Great Grandmother Lida Baker’s rolls. An heirloom recipe that was passed down to us from my Great Aunt Amanda who lived just shy of her 101st Birthday!
Mm mm…that is a lot of food! Hope I haven’t forgotten anything! Oh yes, it is my daughter Zoe’s 4th Birthday today!!!! So we will be having a small birthday cake as well.
I am very thankful for my family, friends: old and new, for you, the readers of my blog and listeners to my show!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving from Jen!

  1. HI, Jen
    I am a 100% Raw foodist and a friend of Michelle’s. Do you ever post about Raw foods? Just wondering. Do you ever have people on your show about Raw Foods? Sorry for all the questions. One more=-] Do you have a schedule or a listing that could tell mne what you will be talking about on the show? That way I can listen if it about Raw Foodies or Vegan and Vegeatrians[my kids]. Thank you
    Love always


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