I won! I Won!!

Claire's T-shirt
I won! I won!!

I never win anything. Well, let me clarify: I don’t enter contests much and I don’t play the lottery or gamble. Hence: I don’t win much! Recently my luck has changed! I twitter quite a bit, and follow a wonderful restaurant located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont called Claire’s. They recently held a twitter contest. Twitter what you love about Claire’s and win a T-shirt! Full disclosure: I have never eaten at Claire’s. Heck, I have never even been to Hardwick, Vermont! But, I admire what they, as a restaurant, stand for and I could use a sporty new addition to my wardrobe!!

Cannot remember what I wrote, but it worked I was a winner!!!

Claire’s is a farm to table restaurant emphasizing local and sustainable produce, meats, dairy and artisanal products. Since opening in October 2008, they have garnered much praise and many reviews from the likes of The New York Times and Yankee Magazine! Chef Steven Obranovich is always looking to see what will inspire his weekly menu. This season you will notice Vermont Cranberries in heavy use. Yes, indeed I said Vermont Cranberries!!! Who would have thunk it?! Had no idea there were cranberry bogs in Northern Vermont, but low and behold, Vermont Cranberry Company is growing, harvesting, processing and selling cranberries and cranberry juice all over Vermont and beyond! Chef Steven and his staff use the cranberries in their tart Cranberry Apple Chutney and the juice in their Cranberry Margaritas.

For weekly specials, reviews and event listings check out Claire’s blog: New Vermont Cooking.

For more information and reservations (highly recommended) call: 1-802-472-7053 or e-mail: newvermontcooking@yahoo.com


Thank You Claire’s, I love my shirt!! I know where my next road trip will take me.

“Local Ingredients, Open To The World”

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