Baby Carrots are cool?!

Earlier this evening my youngest daughter Zoe called screaming with excitement. “Mama, our class is going on a field trip next week!!! Guess where??” “Where?” I said. “A FARM!!!!!” she screamed. “We are going to a pumpkin and carrot farm!” ” She said they were going to see how carrots are grown and then “turned into” baby carrots. Before they leave the farm, they will get to pick out a pumpkin and carrots to take home. Thinking that was pretty funny (and awesome of course), I then came across this piece on NPR. Seems the carrot farmers across the country have a marketing campaign. Carrots are COOL!! They are the new “junk food”. The commercial is a little goofy, but hey if it works, and gets kids to choose carrots instead of chips as their snack of choice, then I am all for this campaign! Check out the video and see for yourself.

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