Finding Inspiration Pt. 1

I recently reread my last blog post and good heavens…it has been about a year since I have written last!! Recently, a good friend asked me why. Good question. I suppose I just have not been very inspired as of late. Many reasons for lack of inspiration: mid-life crisis, separation, shared-parenthood adjustment, love found and love lost. 

For the past couple of months I have been determined to turn it around, to pop up out of the doldrums, to seek out inspiration and put my thoughts down on paper and share with you!   

Where have I found inspiration?

Keeping warm by the fire

FRIENDS: Whether it is sitting by the pot belly stove at the general store, chatting up the day; having friends over for dinner & drinks, running into old friends at Chipotle or grabbing a pastry and coffee at my favorite bakery. I have been soaking up the laughter, wisdom and advice my friends have been so willing to give.

Standing in line at the Tastee Freeze


Whether it is looking at my Grandfather’s photographs, having dinner at my Mom’s cool apt, eating sushi with my girls or visiting my Dad’s studio….I always take away nibbles I can use for future posts.
Laurel Hill Kettle Chips and Onion Dip!


Enjoying cooking, baking and eating food has been a challenge this past year or so.  When I am stressed and anxious, instead of eating a whole bag of these fabulous chips, or a small portion; I eat nothing. Not good I know, I am working on it! I have recently been sent a handful of cookbooks to review. They will come in handy as I scored a fabulous never been used Kitchen Aid mixer at a yard sale over the summer. Cookies, cakes and Pies oh my!
 Inspiration Pt. 2 coming soon…..
Where do you find YOUR inspiration?

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