Finding Inspiration Pt. 2

Sometimes all it takes to inpsire me is a great cup of coffee, or tea or hot chocolate! Of course it helps tremendously if I drink it from this fabulous mug.

My friend Kristin, a potter and talented poet, came to visit last year. We had a great time catching up and meeting each other’s children. She then gave me three mugs of various sizes(depending on what I am drinking) in my favorite color – blue. The best part? When I take my last sip, I see a bright red heart at the bottom of the mug. Go to www.outermostpottery.com to pick out your own mug and other perfect Holiday gifts!

My kitchen is the warmest, sunniest room in my apartment, so for added rejuvination, I will sip my coffee, look at my cake paintings & read the Sunday NYTimes. 

It has not been the easiest year for me, but one day my 7 year old put it all in perspective. I was at the kitchen table crying a bit over my broken heart and she said, “Oh Mommy, don’t be sad. You know….there are worse things to cry about” Wow, out of the mouths of babes! I knew I needed to snap out of it and get back to doing some of the things I love to do. Like sharing my passion for all aspects of food with you!!

Recipe to mend a broken heart:

  • Do not, I repeat, do NOT watch this video and that video over and over again while crying your eyes out. Two gut-wrenchingly beautiful songs by Adele. Instead:
  • Watch this video
  • and this video
  • Pick out your favorite cookbook, find a new dish you have never tried before and cook it up!

 As we go along on our journey together, I will introduce you to cookbooks and authors, chefs, farmers and specialty food producers. We will look at new-fangled gadgets and old tried and true ones. We will go on foodie field trips, and see what kind of goodies I brought home from work.

Let’s get cooking. Chop, Chop!!

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!

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