Neighborhood Treasures

Seven Stars on Hope

One of the things I love the most about my apartment, is its close proximity to Hope Village located on the East Side of Providence, RI. Everything I need is walking distance! The bank, library, pharmacy, restaurants, independent shops,  farmer’s market and more. It really has that charming “small town” feel. Of course when I have company for the weekend, visiting Hope Village is a must on our list of Little Rhody Sightseeing.

I usually start and end a visit with a trip to Seven Stars Bakery. I’d have to say, despite the toaster and coffee maker in perfect working condition sitting on my counter….I still find myself at the Bakery 2-3 times a week! I suppose I could call myself a regular. I cannot help it…with a staple of fabulous breads and baked goods (Chocolate almond croissants,  country loaves and cinnamon sticks are among my faves) who could resist?

A friend of mine from New York was visiting for the weekend. He had to catch a very early bus back to the city, so we ended his visit at the bakery. We decided to try a few different itemsand a seasonal ( summer) specialty, Blueberry Turnovers with local blueberries.

and start our Sunday off right with some Lattes.  Great Latte art!

Seven Stars Anniversary Day!! On January 2, 2011 

The owners of Seven Stars Bakeries, Lynn and Jim Williams, are celebrating their eleventh anniversary of serving the finest “handmade from scratch” breads and pastries in Rhode Island. In honor of this milestone, the three bakery locations (Hope Street, Broadway and Newman Avenue) will donate their entire day’s sales on January 2 to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Cost: Just the price of the goodies you buy!

The three locations are: 820 Hope Street and 320 Broadway in Providence, as well as a store in East Providence at 20 Newman Avenue in Rumford Center (in the old Rumford Baking Powder Building). You could head over to each one for Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon snack!

Happy Anniversary Lynn and Jim!! I am so happy to be your Hope St. neighbor and a very frequent customer. Here’s to many more scrumptious years to come.

For more information: www.sevenstarsbakery.com  or lynn@sevenstarsbakery.com

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