Rocket to Thayer!

It was a crazy busy Saturday. Cleaning & organizing the apartment and running my oldest here and there. It was the day of Classical High’s Spring Ball and my oldest was very excited! After stopping by her friend’s house, taking a million pictures and then dropping the teens off at the dance; my youngest daughter and I realized we were starving! By now it was 6:30pm and there was no way I was going to cook and dirty more dishes. While idling at Classical trying to decide what to do, the light went off in my head (it does that occasionally.) A FOOD TRUCK! There are so many I had yet to try. I am a huge fan of Hewtin’s Dogs Mobile Food Truck but had yet to try others.

We made our way to the Eastside near Thayer and George and found The Rocket Truck. I have been wanting to give them a try ever since they landed on the scene 6 months or so ago. I had read about their awesome burgers and chocolate pudding for a while now. So of course I was talking about it to Zoe the whole ride over. What 7-year-old doesn’t like chocolate pudding?!


We scored a great spot right behind the truck. The first thing I noticed was the chalkboard sign listing the specials. The next thing I noticed was a big sign alerting me to the fact that they were OUT of pudding……. Sorry Zoe. No worries. We settled on 2 Sliders for Zoe and a French Burger for me: Gruyère Cheese, Caramelized Onions & Aoli Sauce. We were so hungry Zoe begged me to let her eat in the car. No, no mess, let’s go home and eat in the comfort of our kitchen!

Well friends I would love to show you what we had, but as I said we were famished and pretty much could not wait to dig in! I was 3/4 of the way thru my burger before i realized I had not taken any pics of the food! Oh well. Zoe devoured her sliders with a huge grin on her face. Me? Divine absolutely divine. Juicy, flavorful, the onions melded with the cheese and the aoli just topped it off(I don’t even like mayo!!) brilliantly while the puffy bun held it all together. “What do you mean I only ordered 1?! ” I thought to myself.

Waiting at the Rocket Truck

If you’d like to know where the Rocket will be landing next or if you’d like them to cater your next event, you can follow them on Twitter: @rockettruck or give them a call: 860-689-5585 or even e-mail: rocketstreetfood.com

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