Best of the Wurst

The other day, after handing over more than a few pennies to my mechanic for replacing a steering part and adding more oil to my car, I came home to the realization that my kitchen was infested with moths. Now, those who know me and have seen my pantry know it was filled to the gills with goodies. Alas, the goodies had to be cleared away (8 bags!) and the shelves cleaned with bleach. By the time lunch rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Besides, the cupboards were bare!

I suggested to Emma that we walk around the corner to Chez Pascal’s newest delicious venture: The Wurst Window. Open for lunch Tuesday Saturday 11:30am-2:30pm. The window features house made sausages, cured meats, made into scrumptious sandwiches with homemade condiments to top it all off.

You can either sit outside or inside (where you can enjoy a nice cold brew) at a counter stool or table. We opted for inside to catch up a bit with Chef Matt Gennuso.

Emma ordered a Hot Links “BLT”, a spicy smoked bratwurst with bacon and aoli. I opted for a Rabbit & Dijon Sausage Sandwich w/charred green cabbage and spicy peach compote. Em & I opted to share our sandwiches so we each had a half. These were seriously delicious sandwiches. It was good Chef Matt was busy, I really did not want him to see me inhale my lunch! How unladylike!

Hot Links BLT and Rabbit Dijon Sausage


Wurst Window at Chez Pascal


Here…..piggy, piggy!


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