Right before (and right in time) the Holidays, the perfect shop opened up near my house. This lovely shop carries all sorts of treasures a foodie like me dreams of. Kitchen tools( including some Vintage finds), cooking books, resources & gifts galore.
Through blood, sweat, tears(well I hope not!) and good old yankee hutzpah; local gal Jan Faust Dane, (and her amazing supportive kids & hubby) brought Stock Culinary GoodsStock Culinary Goods to life!
Jan has an amazing eye. The items are curated just so. When I went in I wanted to buy my gifts & put them on display at home. However, I had to wrap them up and stick them under the tree. My Mom loved her Japanese kitchen tools calendar, Zoe covets her water bottle. I know that sounds funny (coming from an 8yr old) but the bottle is covered with a map of Paris & NYC and now she has Travelust!
I am sure you have some holiday gift cards burning a hole in your pocket. You’ll find the perfect goodie for your kitchen at STOCK.
Head over today for the Grand Opening celebration(4-6pm). There will be all kinds of local nibbles and an appearance by our Mayor for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.






Stock Culinary Goods is located at:
756 Hope St
Providence RI
Shop Local!
STOCK up!!!

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