It was a crisp, sunny Saturday. A tentative start to the weekend considering the week & Patriot’s Day, started violent and chaotic. I had also found out a friend’s Mom had just passed away, so was feeling sad.
Normally the girls & I spend much of Saturday cleaning, but it was Record Store Day & Emma begged to head out.
You know what?! Lets do this, the dishes can wait!
We made our way to Thayer Street,

Where the trees were coming into bloom. First stop for Record Store Day? ChrisChris & JenniferJennifer Daltry’s cool spot: What Cheer Antiques & Records. Emma was in record heaven & we enjoyed a live performance from The Feelies.


While Emma was picking out her records, Zoe & I went to The Brown Bookstore. She is a voracious reader & wanted to treat herself to a new book.
At this point we were starving and bordering on crabby( not me!!), so we drove over to our fave coffee spot on the West Side: White Electric Coffee. I love their veggie wraps with green goddess dressing accompanied by an iced coffee.


Emma informed us we had one more stop on this Record Store Day adventure: Olympic Records
A gem of a store at the end of Wickenden St. in the Fox Point neighborhood.


While Emma added more vinyl to her ever growing collection, Zoe played pinball & I soaked in the scenery,
We headed home feeling beat but happy.
I was proud of myself for relaxing & relishing these moments with my kids. It is so important to be present & enjoy time with my family. I am grateful I am healthy & have the time to spend.
Peace & love……..

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