A Perfect Pairing

Some things pair up so nicely: bread and butter, apples and caramel, wings and beer, bacon and pancakes. At this time of year one of my favorite pairings is avocado and tomato!
My alarm NEVER went off this morning!! Consequently, I was rushing around the apt., guzzling iced coffee and throwing together tasty tidbits to bring to work for breakfast and for my lunch.

Due to my lateness I ended up having to make up the time by eating lunch at my desk. Not very appealing considering it was gorgeous outside, but I made up for it. I had the perfect, most heavenly pairing for lunch:
Little City Growers Heirloom tomato on avocado slices spread on toasted Seven StarsCountry
bread. Yumm! The avocado was so creamy, perfectly spreadable and ripe. I smooshed it onto the slightly crunchy bread, topped with room temp(never cold!!) sliced, sweet tomato sprinkled ever so slightly with sea salt and pepper.
Heaven in my belly. I don’t ever want tomato season to end!
The rest of the day flew by.


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Pairing

  1. yum yum yum. i love that too. avocados are so good right now. or am i just getting better at choosing them?

    thanks for the toast porn!


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