A Scrumptious Start

A couple of weeks ago, during the hustle bustle of the Holiday season, my Mom asked me to breakfast. She had been wanting me to try this tiny gem of restaurant called Kitchen.

What took me so long?! This place is fantastic!

I started with a fine, smooth cup of coffee while trying to decide what to order. Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, decisions, decisions. To be quite honest I don’t have much of a sweet tooth at breakfast so I opted for a traditional omelette with feta, mushrooms & spinach.

This restaurant is aptly named. It’s as if we were guests in the owner’s kitchen (the best room in the house). Every dish is made to order & frankly seemed prepped to order! My omelette was divine. Thick sliced sautéed mushrooms, fresh spinach cooked just so, with just the right amount of feta melted & tasty with every bite.

On the side came perfectly cooked delectable home fries and crunchy rye toast.
I now have 3 words for you: Bacon, Bacon and Bacon.

In case you didn’t hear me the first time: Bacon! Pretty sure the chef has a big pig back there where he slices meat to order. This was such amazing bacon (worth the $$ for a side. Order it!), I had to make sure I wasn’t making some inappropriate facial expression while I was savoring every bite.
As we were enjoying our breakfasts my Mom told me how amazing their muffins are so we each ordered one to go.

I have drastically reduced my carb intake lately, but this amazing chocolate raspberry muffin made me forget all of my carb concerns. A friend was visiting so I grilled up the muffin the next day & we split it. It was so good, we found ourselves looking around my kitchen for another half! Scoffed that muffin up it was scrumptious. Chocolate & raspberry is an irresistible combination. The muffin was light and fluffy and not the least bit dense.
Everything was so delicious in this tiny restaurant, I cannot wait to go back.
Yes, you may have to wait for a table. We’re hearty New Englanders, just bundle up it’s so worth it.
Kitchen is located on the West Side of Providence, RI at 94 Carpenter St. Hours are W-F 7:30-1pm and Sat/Sun 7:30am-4pm. Cash Only!
Make a great start to your New Year and head to Kitchen.

2 thoughts on “A Scrumptious Start

  1. Good morning, Jen –

    I loved your review of Kitchen. It is DELIGHTFUL to see you back “online”.

    Happy New Year! Kate Menard (and Eric Robinson… from First Unitarian)

    Original email:


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