Taking Care



While we in New England and elsewhere have been bundling up against this Polar Vortex, I have been fighting off a chest cold/lung infection. I am pretty sure it was brought on by stress and the bitter cold. It happens every year so I suppose I should be used to it.

I try to have a combination of traditional meds along with some all natural curatives on hand at all times. I drink lots of water and tea. While my tea is steeping, I stick my head over the cup and inhale and let the steam get up into my nasal passages. I always have my humidifiers going as well.
Soup does wonders! I made a quick and easy ramen today. I sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and thinly sliced top round beef. I then added that mixture to the all natural (no junk or MSG added)Ginger & Lemongrass Ramen Noodle pack I picked up at Whole Foods. Scrumptious!

My Doc had recently recommended a generic long-lasting Tussin (cough med). It does work, quiets me right down (must be the alcohol in it!). I am also armed with Tylenol Sinus. For all natural I use a sinus tea from Farmacy Herbs (The Finest Sinus) that I pick up from the Saturday Farmer’s Market. They also carry a Lung Lovers syrup I will try this season. Elderberry Syrup has helped stave off our colds every year.

To de-stress, I usually go to a yoga class, but I am sure my classmates don’t want to hear me hack up my lungs while attempting my 5th Sun Salutation in a row! Not exactly Namaste. My couch has been comfy. I have been reading and taking deep breaths and pushing the bad thoughts out after letting them in ever so briefly. I mean we do need to face them and acknowledge them don’t we? The latest  food and shelter magazines definitely have a calming effect.



I look forward to warmer temps & cheering on the Patriots this weekend while I try to avoid being prescribed Predisone(I have asthma and it is a necessary medicine sometimes) and antibiotics.
What kinds of remedies do you swear by when hit with a cold or general malaise in the dead of Winter?

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