Saturday Selfie

So it’s official: my cough is just an asthma flare-up no virus! Of course that means a dose of prednisone, but whatever works. The vice grip on the lungs needs to go away.
I was feeling pretty good Saturday morning so I headed out & about.

My first stop was Providence PerfumeProvidence Perfume. For my Birthday my Mom gave me a gift certificate to make my own perfume, so I decided to use it!

Charna Ethier is the delightful owner of this gorgeous parfumerie. I spent 2 hours with Charna creating my very own perfume! Her passion for and knowledge of perfume is expansive. I could have listened to her wax poetic about scents for hours! My perfume; which has yet to be named( Dish, Spicy Dish?) is currently “aging” for a few days. I will tell you all about the fun creative process in my next post.
After creating my perfume, I said goodbye and left in search of coffee!

Of course I ended up in my favorite coffee spot, White ElectricWhite Electric
When you find a good thing why change?! The coffee is great, the baristas are fabulous, there is always cool artwork on display, awesome music playing and the food is scrumptious. On this day a guy was in the window seat concentrating hard on his pen and ink drawing.

Once I finished reading the Arts section of The Times, I headed out to the Providence Athenaeum. Providence Athenaeum




It’s one of my favorite spots in town and did you know, one of the oldest libraries in the country? Edgar Allen Poe also enjoyed this very same library! I was not in search of his ghost but rather a fresh set of books to jump into and read.
I was pretty pooped after all that, but happy I ventured outside the comforts of my cozy kitchen. Checking out a new establishment and going to some of my faves, was a great way to spend some “me time” and boost my spirits!
Now I wonder what my special perfume will smell like?! Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “Saturday Selfie

    1. “Where Love Goes” by Joyce Maynard ( finished already! Hit pretty close to home. Great book)
      “When We Were the Kennedy’s” by Monica Wood
      “At Home in the World” memoir by Joyce Maynard


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