Treat of the Week

Pear Perfection

The other day I was in between Doctor’s appts. I had just finished fasting so was mighty hungry and in need of caffeine. I stopped at my favorite coffee shop walked in and spied something new. A Pear Almond Danish. It was so beautiful, with it’s crust glistening in the case. I had to have it.
I am not one for sweet pastries and as of late have drastically reduced my carb intake. Exceptions had to be made, it was calling my name.
This was pastry perfection. First off it was not too sweet. The layers of pastry were slightly crunchy ( must be from a light sugar glaze before baking?!) and oh so light and puffy. There was a luscious coating of almond paste on the bottom layer. Ladies and gentlemen; the pear…..oh my. Perfectly ripe, not too soft and certainly not hard. Had a lovely toothsome texture. Heaven on a plate. Who bakes these lovelies? Foremost Baking Company
If you’d like one of your own ( I don’t recommend sharing; you’ll want this all to yourself) or you’d like to try there other pastries; head to White Electric or:
Small Point Cafe
Coffee Exchange
Bolt Coffee at The Dean Hotel
New Harvest Coffee and Spirits
And many other locations across Providence.
Enjoy! I best watch out, this may be a weekly indulgence……

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