With a touch of Local zest

My upstairs neighbor has been leaving me the most delightful gifts every Saturday. Farm fresh veggies from the Hope St. Farmer’s Market! She works at the terrific Arcadian Fields Organic Farm stand.
She can barely keep up with the array of veggies she brings home. How nice of her to share! Having a ton of greens ‘ veggies can be a bit overwhelming. Normally I hunt through my cookbooks for ideas but lately I’ve just been cooking “off the cuff”
Easy as pie. For today’s lunch I sautéed summer squash, Cherry tomatoes & organic spinach in a little olive oil & sprinkled with pepper & sea salt.


I love that particular combination, but any variety that you like will work.
The point is not to wait till you find that perfect recipe. By then the veggies may go bad. Keep it simple, use it up, don’t stress & savor the flavors of the season!!

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