Monday Monday

Was feeling a little blah today. I knew a great way to feel better would be to cook. To me cooking is therapy. I can think thru things while I’m chopping, slicing, pureeing and so on.
Came home from work, put in my apron and went down to the garden. Ha! Ok, who am I kidding? I cannot manage a garden, but I am proud to say I can manage my herb pot!

I cut some Basil (I am also growing Parsley and Thyme), brought it upstairs and washed and carefully patted dry.

I placed about 1-2 cups of basil in the food processor. In a non-stick skillet, I toasted about 1/2 cup of walnut halves in a non stick skillet, on low heat stirring until lightly browned. Add nuts to the processor along with some sea salt and a couple cloves of garlic.


After putting the cover on, I take the little top off, turn the processor on and add olive oil until a smooth consistency is achieved. For pesto I like to use a good extra virgin olive oil. My oil of choice is Seggiano


Once the pesto was done pureeing, I sautéed half chopped onion, a small clove of garlic chopped and a handful of halved cherry tomatoes. After a few minutes I added 3/4lb of shrimp. Cooked just until pink.

While everything was being puréed and sautéed, I boiled some rotini until al dente.
I tried my pesto; yumm and so green!
I tossed everything together, pasta, pesto and shrimp sauté. Served myself and smiled.



This Monday didn’t turn out half bad after all……. Cheers my friends!

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