A Curious Thing Happened

I was feeling inspired today and decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies.
Normally it does not take much to inspire me to bake but this week has been especially challenging. I was laid off last Friday from a company I’ve worked for for 4 1/2yrs.
It was not an utter shock but still stung nonetheless. I’ve been doing a good job of staying off the couch and not feeling completely sorry for myself, but the desire to bake for myself and my girls eluded me till today.

I stuck with the classic chocolate chip recipe gracing the back of every bag. I had everything I needed in stock so why not? I thought “Wow, I cannot wait to bite into a warm, chewy, crunchy, chocolatey cookie.”
I mean look at these cookies!


And then, a curious thing happened. As I was biting into this warm morsel, ready to devour a handful, I realized I was not loving it! “Wait, What?!” I know, crazy isn’t it? I blame it on this program. It’s a program I’ve followed twice now with amazing results. The best part? I listen to my body more. Even though I thought I wanted some delicious cookies, what I really wanted was roasted veggies sprinkled with sea salt.
Now the girls will have the cookies to themselves and I won’t gorge myself.
I’m still so happy I felt inspired again to bake. I’m looking forward to pulling out my cookbooks and cooking and baking up a storm this Fall. One of the blessings of being laid off.

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