Affogato style

We fell back an hour over the weekend — a rainy, blustery weekend. So, of course, I loved the early morning sunshine waking me up today. The downside is… it is dark so soon!
I definitely needed a little pick-me-up on this hectic Monday. My youngest was a brave one during her allergy test so I brought her to our local Ice Cream Cafefor a treat. She went with a scoop of “Milk and Cookies”. I dove right in and ordered an Affogato (drowned), an Italian beverage featuring a scoop of ice cream covered in espresso.

All these years drinking coffee and loving ice cream, I have never tried this combo. I loved it. This one was Fall inspired, as I had a scoop of pumpkin ice cream in my cup instead of plain vanilla. My eyes about bulged out of my head when the Barista poured 2 espresso shots over my ice cream instead of one. I’ll just be up for a bit and hopefully get loads of work done.
It was a lovely, smooth and creamy combo. Nice mild pumpkin flavor that offset the bitterness of the espresso.
A nice grown up touch would be a splash of Amaretto or even Bourbon. Yumm….
I’ve kicked off my week on a high-speed note.
Happy Fall, friends!

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