Fall Entertaining: Rhody Style

It was a raw, blustery, weekend. I never wanted to leave my cozy apartment. Which actually got me thinking about having friends over and entertaining.
Entertaining friends and family does not have to be an expensive, drawn out ordeal. It can be as easy as pizza pie with the right ingredients!
Here is my local take on a cozy weekend night get-together with friends.
Start off with an Antipasto. My key ingredient is a wonderful Sopressata made by Daniele, Inc.a Family owned and operated charcuterie nestled in the woods of Rhode Island where the air is clean and unspoiled.


To my board I added, marinated artichoke hearts, assorted olives and peppadew peppers stuffed with my favorite fresh and local mozzarella
The peppers would also taste terrific stuffed with a sharp provolone.
I poured myself a glass of red wine, turned on some music and nibbled and sipped away.



On to the main course:Pizza!! Made with local ingredients.

Pizza sauce from Poblano Farm
Fresh Mozzarella from Narragansett Creamery
Prosciutto from Daniele
Crust from The Pizza Gourmet
I put the cheese on first, then added scallion, sliced yellow and orange peppers, prosciutto and dollops of sauce.

I baked that in the oven at 400degrees for about 6min.

While the pizza was baking I (poured more wine) tossed arugula lightly with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I topped the pizza with it when it came out of the oven.

The pizza was scrumptious! As much as I wish I had friends over to join me, it allowed me to enjoy the pizza all to myself. I was not a complete piggy, I did save some for lunch the next day.
Speaking of the next day, l had plenty of prosciutto leftover and eggs were screaming to be scrambled. I got to work pouring myself some coffee
and chopping some vegetables ( summer squash, scallion and cherry tomatoes).

As the vegetables were sautéing, I whisked my eggs.


I added the Daniele Prosciutto towards the end of my scramble. What a delicious combination and oh so tasty breakfast.



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