Rise and Shine and Shop Local!

A couple Mondays ago I had a meeting in downtown Providence. I was too rushed in the morning to eat or even have a cup of coffee for that matter. My meeting was on Washington St. and I thought, “Oh great, where am i going to park?!” No need to fret! Sunshine and luck were shining down on me as I scored a parking spot right in front of my meeting site! The meeting went well and I still had time left on the meter so i ventured out in search of a little bite to eat and a good cup of joe.

Ellie's Chicken This festive rooster was calling my name. Cock a doodle doo…come in for coffee!

This attractive fellow is the mascot for a charming intimate bakery called Ellie’s Bakery located at 61 Washington St. in Providence RI. Inspired by the Parisian way of life, this cozy, warm bakery welcomed me in.

Ellie's festive signBut goodness, gracious, what to get? Everything looked so tasty and divine. I ordered my coffee straight away, they carry coffee from New Harvest Coffee Roasters, a local coffee company who roasts a blend just for them.

As my taste buds prefer savory things in the morning, I went with a delicious looking Savory Ciabatta

Ellie's Savory ciabattaAs I looked at this scrumptious ciabatta I thought, “oh I will eat half and bring the other half home.” Who was I kidding? Friends, this was so very tasty, I gobbled it up straight away. I hope no one was looking. I must have been awfully hungry. What was so special about this savory morning treat? Well, the ciabatta itself was light, slightly crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside (I should have asked to have it heated a bit) the topping was a not-too strong feta cheese, basil and arugula pesto and a chunky fig jam. YES!!! Amazing. My coffee was lovely. I take mine black and this cup was nice and smooth.

When i wasn’t scoffing down my breakfast treat, I took a look around this lovely shop to get some Holiday gift ideas.

Ellie's shelf of coffeeThey had a wall devoted to jams, bags of coffee and travel mugs with the rooster on them.

Ellie's coffee to goA terrific gift for that friend who needs to have their hot beverage on the run. These travel mugs were accompanied by bars of artisan chocolate and marshmallows!!!

Meringue CloudsIf you are headed to a Holiday party and need a great hostess gift, you can’t go wrong with these colorful clouds of meringue! Or purchase these for a special dessert and place a few on each guests plate with a nip of something on the side to accompany.

Vanilla and Cinnamon MeringueThese cinnamon clouds and vanilla bean clouds would be perfect with some spicy hot cocoa sipped by the fire while staring at the twinkly lights on the Christmas Tree.

Ellie's MacaronOf course I cannot write a post about Ellie’s without talking about their famous macarons! All of their products are prepared with the seasons in mind and these macarons are no exception. They are always adding new flavors to tantalize your sweet tooth.

Cran Cheesecake MacaronThese Cranberry Cheesecake Macarons are wheat free! A bonus for sure.

In addition to these delectable treats, Ellie’s also sells a variety of freshly baked breads and has seasonal cakes, cookies and soups and sandwiches.

Whether or not, you need a gift for that special someone or just a break from the hustle and bustle of this hectic shopping season, head down to Ellie’s and experience the simple pleasures of a tasty life.

I’ll leave you with a lovely quote I read on their website:

“There is little in life that could not benefit from a little love, a little time, and a little butter.”

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