Juno: Blizzard of 2015

Gone are the days when I could put on my snowsuit, grab my red sled and spend the day sledding and building forts.
I’m an adult now, with responsibilities. Like reading the fine print on my lease that states: “tenants are responsible for all snow removal.” Ugh, after Juno dropped 25inches on Providence, that’s a big task.
In between bouts of shoveling(I certainly got some serious exercise), I managed to bake and cook up a storm(pardon the pun).
Chicken soup was essential.

So easy, I shredded the chicken I had cooked in the crockpot. Sautéed garlic, celery, carrot and onion. Added the chicken, the juices from the crockpot and some broth. I let it simmer for at least an hour, added some salt, pepper and herbs to taste. Done.
On the first night conditions outside were diminishing. Everyone was hunkered down for the night. My oldest daughter was visiting her boyfriend. Her BF’s Mom is a fantastic bartender. On the snowy night, not only did she deliver my daughter to me safe and sound, but she also made me one of the best margarita I’ve ever had. Delivered in a mason jar no less. This was a spicy jalapeño margarita. Not too sweet, and a little bit “savory”


What goes best with margaritas?! Nachos! Easy: ground beef, green chilies, cherry tomatoes, black beans and cheese. Family friendly and so scrumptious.
On the first full day of the storm the conditions were pretty nasty. After shoveling for over an hour, I needed the comfort of a gooey grilled cheese.

This was a simple sandwich: Seven Stars Bakery sourdough bread, southwestern mustard, smokey sliced ham and sliced Cabot Cheese Vermont Cheddar. Divine. Crunchy on the outside, gooey and slightly spicy inside.
Once inside for the day I needed to bake. My youngest daughter requested cookies. I obliged and made oatmeal chocolate chip.



While I was busy baking, Zoe was building a Lego city. She even built a bakery for me! Apparently my specialties are cookies and strawberry shortcake.
Look, there is a line out the door!

She built her Sister a stage to rock out on.


The sun came out today. No play quite yet. More shoveling lay ahead. Once done however, Zoe and I set out on a sledding adventure.
We made some friends on our way.

Our destination was Moses Brown School . They have some of the best sledding hills in the city. The school and it’s headmaster became famous recently when it’s School is Closedvideo became a viral hit.
While I could still feel my toes, Zoe and I slid away.


We laughed, had fun and I felt like a kid again.
Emma came home after sledding and building an igloo. We all warmed up and enjoyed a hearty bowl of cheese ravioli topped with a robust sausage tomato sauce.

I’ve settled in now, poured myself a cup of tea, the girls are sleeping and I’m watching Top Chef.
We certainly fared well through the storm. I hope you have as well. Back to school and our usual routine tomorrow.
Until next time….


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