Spicy Snowstorm

What an amazing night last night!! (did you see this Video?!!) Malcolm Butler, a rookie free agent from West Alabama, made the most amazing play I’ve ever seen and won the game for us!! Yes, indeed I am proud to be a Patriot fan!! I just want to watch the play over and over. I’m sure I woke up my neighbors screaming and crying for joy.
Gosh, after all that excitement, we woke up to no school and MORE SNOW! Not again. I know, I live in New England and it is still Wintertime. It’s to be expected.
Well, if I was going to out and shovel, I would need energy! I gazed over to my tea shelf and decided to brew up some Chai.

This is some fantastic chai! I slow-brewed a batch to keep in my thermos.
Tipu’s Chai is an authentic Indian chai based on a recipe passed down to founder, Bipin Patel, from his grandmother.
This chai was easy to brew. I placed some of the tea into a pot with water, let boil and simmer for a bit, then I added some milk and let that simmer. Once done, I strained the mixture into my thermos and sweetened with a little bit of sugar. Spicy, creamy goodness that had me ready to tackle the snow!


It all seemed overwhelming, but I did it. Zoe and her friend Philippa came outside but they were no help!

Apparently it’s hard work building forts and making snowballs.
Oh, how I wish I had a fireplace. My toes were so cold when I came inside. Would have been nice to warm them by a fire.

No rest for the weary. The snow has started up again.
Stay safe and warm, my friends.

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