Celebrating Love

On Saturday I celebrated not your ordinary love but #mfaLove
M invited me to an afternoon at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. We’d have a look around at some art and enjoy a nice lunch. I hadn’t been to the MFA in ages, and had been wanting to go on a date there, so of course I said yes!
We lucked out on Saturday. The snow decided to stop for part of the day.

The museum had a great pamphlet to use: “Love at the MFA”, stroll the galleries and look for hearts to find Cupid’s favorite photo spots, or choose your own. Share on Instagram or Twitter. So clever and fun! Snap a photo or a selfie with your sweetheart, best friend, or family.
I ended up finding more than my share of artful signs of love. Some broken hearts too.

She’s thinking about love (or lust) don’t you think?

The above painting: “Visiting Masterpiece:Gustav Klimt’s Adam and Eve”, was my absolute favorite of the day. Isn’t it divine?
This next painting: Two Nudes (Lovers) by Oskar Kokoschka, shows 2 lovers not half as happy as the previous pair.


We were getting hungry so we sat down for some lunch in the New American Cafe
What a gorgeous setting in the soaring glass-enclosed courtyard with classical music piped in.




I had a delicious vegetable tart, M enjoyed a cheese plate and we both drank cappuccinos.

Feeling caffeinated and happy, we went off to find more artistic treasures.
We both enjoyed the Gordon Parks exhibit. I especially loved this picture of snazzy looking couple on their way to church.



The above piece; Sarcophagus and Lid with husband and wife, 350-300BC; takes “Till death do us part” to a whole other level.
“Painter’s Honeymoon” was lovely:

“Eternal Springtime” by Rodin was erotically charged:

Sadly, my date soon came to an end as M had to get to a meeting further in the city. I stayed on, searching for more signs of love and inspiration.


M pointed the following out to me before he left. Notice the beautiful colors!

I found a few more pieces where the subjects perhaps had broken hearts or in one case, may be content to be alone.



This next one, of Medusa (from 1894), warns us to never trust a woman scorned!

So if you are thinking of something to do with your Valentine this weekend, or perhaps you’re looking for one, head to The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA and get lost or find love in the many galleries.
I had a wonderful day and cannot wait to go back!


Love is in the air at the MFA.

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