Valentine's Day

Last Minute Love

Still haven’t found that special something for that scrumptious someone in your life? Never fear, I have a few ideas.

Before you head out and run around trying to figure out what you’ll pick up for your sweetheart, be sure to bundle up!


I acquired this sweet scarf from my Grandmother’s house years ago. Zoe thought it apropos for this cold day of love.

My youngest daughter has been a terrific Valentine. Getting in the spirit of love from head to toe.


Some simple last-minute ideas to make your Valentine’s Day that much sweeter.

Make some jello! (it’s sweet and red after all)..


Find a vintage Valentine that speaks to you. Perhaps you’d like to drop a hint:


Or perhaps you’re looking for a sweet sentiment:



You may be feeling bold:


Whatever card you choose your Valentine will appreciate the thought you gave to relay how you feel.

You can take your Valentine out for a cup of coffee. Sure to make your heart flutter.


Pick out a scrumptious sweet for your sweetie. A heart-shaped donut made this Valentine very happy. 1256

You don’t need a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates to make your Valentine sweeter, I’d be happy with an artisanal small batch bar. Like these from Mast Brothers. You can pick them up locally at Stock; a terrific kitchen inspired, independent shop in Providence, RI.


Perhaps you are headed out to dinner tonight before the snow slams us once again. Our local restaurants sure need the love. They have been hit hard by this awful weather. Pick up some dessert or treats to have when you get home and get into your comfy cozy pj’s (or not). You can brew some herbal tea to soothe and add comfort and warmth.


Avoiding sweets? Eating super healthy? How about a super powered fruit? Sweet all on its own. Pomegranate seeds!! Fun to eat and bursting with flavor.


No matter how you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day, you still have a little bit more time to make it that much sweeter.

Bundle up friends. I send you love, hugs and kisses on this St. Valentine’s Day 2015!


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