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The Fragrance of Love

Scurrying about trying to find the perfect gift for your Valentine before snowstorm #50?!

No need to worry, I know just the thing to make your Valentine swoon with delight and kiss you all over.


Head on over to Providence Perfume Company, located on Wickenden St. in Providence, RI.


Charna Ethier is the lovely proprietress of this charming local establishment. She created this enchanting perfumery to celebrate the finest all natural botanical ingredients from around the world.


I got to check out her alluring shop when my Mom gave me a gift certificate to create my own fragrance! How cool is that?

Charna has a fragrance “bar”. There is a science to creating your own fragrance, It is a multi layered process, in which you heavily rely on your sense of smell and what kind of fragrance represents “you”. It seems daunting at first, but Charna helps eliminate the scents that do not appeal to you, and then you start to concentrate on the ones that do. There are base notes, middle notes and top notes. The top note would be what you smell first. That soon dissipates and you are left with a bottom note. It is a fascinating and fun process. I could have talked to Charna all day. She is as passionate about fragrance as I am about food.



Mine has traces of Vetiver, Sandlewood, Vanilla with some floral scents dropped in for good measure. It is deep and slightly floral and musky. I really love it. Now I need a name for my fragrance! Any ideas?1160

Providence Perfume also offers an array of classes, sure to appeal to the fragrance lover in your life. Charna creates body oils and lotions in an array of captivating scents. I am sure you will find something perfect for that special Valentine.

1165 11661164 11671168

So for your Valentine a swoon-worthy array of organic bath and body care, artisanal, all natural perfumes and more. Head on over to Providence Perfume Company, 301 Wickenden Street in Providence, RI. Call ahead to check for hours: 401-455-2325, or go online to shop.


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