Boston Bound

Last week, on a beautiful sunny day, I hopped a train to Boston. Since I’m job hunting I’ve been on a super strict budget so “hopping a train” was not in my budget, but this recently scheduled meeting was important so off I went.

I took the train from Attleboro. So easy! Pay a small fee for parking(don’t forget the number of your spot!!), put the money in the slot and you are set for the day. Till 11am, you can purchase your ticket (cash only) at the coffee counter. It was busy for mid morning. I spied many men in Red Sox jerseys. After an excited little boy started talking to me, I realized there was a home game today. He was thrilled to be with his Dad headed to his first Red Sox baseball game! Full confession friends: I have never been to see a game at Fenway Park! Ridiculous. I need to change that.

The ride was relaxing. I caught up on some reading and stared out the window. My meeting spot was near Clarendon St. So I got off at the Back Bay stop. I quickly arrived in Copley Place to see workers setting up for the Boston Marathon

To prepare for my meeting, I went to one of my  favorite places in the city; the Boston Public Library. An architectural gem, it is a peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle. Just look at their beautiful courtyard.

 All prepped and ready to go, I headed to my meeting. Since shopping was not on the agenda, I spent much of my time looking up and around at the shapes and styles of the buildings. Lucky to have such a lovely day to do so.

Once my meeting was finished I decided to take a stroll through the Boston Common. Clearly not the only one to do so! I was joined by joggers, lunch-breakers, old friends catching up, babies in strollers and more.

 No stroll through the Common is complete without a visit to see Mama and her babies. The famous, “Make Way for Ducklings” statue based on the well loved Children’s book by Robert McCloskey.

Mrs. Mallard and her brood had on such fetching Springtime bonnets!

All of this strolling has made me famished. I almost sped down Beacon Street to eat at the newest cafe/bakery; Tatte Bakery.

Tzurit Or is the celebrated baker/owner of Tatte. I have such admiration for her! The Beacon Hill location is the fifth Tatte to open in just over three years. Bright and inviting, this location did not disappoint.

 The hard part was deciding what to get. Not an easy task when so much goodness is in front of you.

 I was so happy with my choice: Tomato Tatin with a side salad. Scrumptious!!

 I enjoyed my lunch, thought about my day and watched cars and people go by.

 I even managed to fit in a tiny cookie.

 Back in the day I attended Emerson College. I used to love wandering around Beacon Street looking at the buildings and architecture. This sunny Spring day brought me back.

 The house above was ready for the marathon. Sneakers as flower pots! Love it. Even the neighborhood doors were full of character.

 I made my way back up toward the train station. Passed the beautiful Trinity Church on my way. I was not able to go inside but it is a thriving Episcopal church with hours open to the public.

Across the street I noticed a really cool sculpture. It included a flower pot and hammock! After all that walking I was so tempted to hop in! However, it was very windy and I had a flowy skirt on so I opted out. Too bad!

One more pit-stop before I take the train home.

Joanne Chang’s fabulous Flour Bakery. The sticky buns are amazing but I stuck with a “light” afternoon pick me up of chocolate chip cookie and iced coffee.

The cookie was divine. Crunchy, chewy with a big chunk of bittersweet chocolate nestled inside.

Boston you never disappoint. I can’t wait for my next adventure in Beantown.

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