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Delightful Day with Daffodils 

Been thinking recently about this past Mother’s Day and how special it was. My oldest daughter graduates soon from high school and will head to college in Philly this Fall. Time with both of my daughters together grows more precious.

The girls put their heads together and agreed on the perfect day trip. We were Bristol, RI bound. It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were hungry.

Our first stop was The Beehive Cafe, a charming bakery, cafe just up the street from the water. Zoe had scrumptious looking pancakes. I had eggs on a black bean cake with fabulous fresh salsa.

Once fortified, we headed down the road to our main destination: Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum.

It was Daffodil Days so we spent the majority of our visit outside touring the beautiful gardens.

There were so many gorgeous daffodils! I was wishing I had planted a multitude of bulbs around my apartment building this past Fall.

The girls seemed to be getting along and enjoying themselves. Pretty much all a Mom could ask for.


We tip-toed thru the tulips (not really…we went around), and found a really cool butterfly house.


The girls were apparently tuckered out and found a nice nap spot in front of the mini bamboo forest.

I left them to go off exploring and found some beehives.


There was so much to see. I can’t wait to go back. I may even pack a picnic.


Clearly the girls loved it too. I found them lounging on the grass with a spectacular water view in the background.

(As lovely as it is to lounge on the grass, do check yourself for ticks. Emma pulled off one from Zoe’s ankle)

After all the strolling, I needed coffee! We ventured downtown to Angelina’s.

They specialize in a “pour-over” brewing method which really brings out the nuances of the micro roasted beans they carry.

While I was (patiently) waiting for the coffee to brew, I had a look around.

The girls found a cozy spot to sit in. Zoe added to the community sketch book and Emma picked out a record to play.


She chose well. This was the very first album I ever purchased(I was in the 5th grade!). A classic to celebrate this awesome Spring day.

My coffee was brewed to perfection.

Side 1 was complete as was Zoe’s sketch. Time to head home and make dinner for MY Mom!

Thank you girls for a wonderful day and thank you Mom for everything you’ve done for me.

2 thoughts on “Delightful Day with Daffodils 

  1. What a great day! The first time I went to Angelina’s I was hustling down to Newport for a class. I had no idea it could take SO LONG to make a cup of coffee! I wanted to say, “I don’t even really LIKE coffee, could you just make it a bad, fast way?” But it was SO GOOD!


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