Pizza on the Porch

Friday night is pizza night here in the Huntley household. Every week the girls and I look at our schedules, the weather, think about how we feel and plan some pizzas around that! Last Friday was extra special as our dear friend Debbie was visiting from Columbus, OH(GO BUCKS!). I decided to invite my Mom Lucia and my good friend Pernille over to join us.

I don’t go too crazy when I make pizza. Friday’s can be tiring. It’s the end of a hectic work week and soon enough; school! Let’s make it easy on ourselves. My Mom brought beer, Debbie brought wine and Pernille made a great green bean salad with toasted walnuts and a Dijon dressing.  

I don’t make my own dough. Balls of dough are readily available at my local grocery store for about $1.30 a ball. I decided to make 3 pizzas. 

One was kid friendly cheese. My friend Amy got me hooked on this awesome pizza sauce: Don Pepino’s. I also can’t resist the can. Great label!  

We nibbled on the cheese pizza while waiting for the others.  

We are big BBQ Chicken pizza fans here so I thought it was an obvious choice. Instead of my usual Stubb’s Sticky Sweet Sauce, I used this spicy sauce I had in my pantry: Leonardo’s Chipotle Pizza Sauce from Vermont.  

This sauce was spicy! With a really nice smoky depth of flavor. I topped the sauce with a mixture of shredded cheddar and mozzarella, then shredded chicken and red onion. I went easy on the sauce as I didn’t want to overwhelm with spiciness but the heat became subdued as it cooked. Next time I’ll add more.  

My last and final pizza was the favorite of the night. Pesto pizza with my Mom’s homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese and homegrown tomatoes. Fabulous! 

It was so good We ate it all up and I forgot to take a picture of the final product! 

Tomorrow I will be out and about so no “pizza on the porch”. We’ll be back at it next Friday. Who knows what combo we might drum up. 


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