Sunday Summary

Ah Sunday’s, I’d like to think its all about heading to the beach and reading, swimming, napping. In my reality, this day of respite is usually spent shopping for groceries and prepping for the week. Better make it good then!

First: coffee on the slanted porch in my favorite cup. 

After being properly caffeinated I made my way into the kitchen and brewed some tea. Actually, I brewed the tea then iced it for the week. I love the Mango Black Tea from Trader Joe’s. It reminds me of a fabulous passion fruit iced tea I served when working at The Star Cafe in Montrose, CA. We went through that by the gallon! The fruitiness is very refreshing. 

I sweetened it slightly with some Cardamom Clove simple syrup made by the Royal Rose company. They produce a wonderful variety of small batch, organic syrups in Maine. I think this one will give it a bit of spice. Fruit and spice, that’s nice! 

Zoe is back home with me this week. We are missing her big Sister who left for college last Tuesday. I thought I’d cheer her up by making her favorite sandwich: BLT. Our lettuce and the gorgeous tomatoes came from 4 Town Farm in Seekonk, MA and the bread is a country loaf from Seven Stars Bakery on Hope St. in Providence, RI. 

 So simple so good. We also could not resist the farm’s sweet corn. 

I was smart and prepped my lunch for Monday while I prepared dinner. No rushing around in the morning! 

It’s going to be a scorcher tomorrow. Stay cool my friends. 


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