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Farmer’s Market Bounty

Lately I’ve been trying to make it to my local Farmer’s Market every Saturday. It’s not too far away, located on Hope Street at Lippet Park in Providence, RI. It’s a fun bustling market where I’m always bound to run into someone I know.

Most of the time I go in not knowing what to get. Well actually just not having a particular recipe in mind. I tend to get the basics(cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions) and add to that based on inspiration.

Dinner one market night was simply grilled veggies, sausage and a side salad.

One Saturday I was side tracked by a yard sale and scored some beautiful mixing bowls and a cake stand all for $7.00!

In one of those bags are some spicy Asian greens. I lightly sautéed them and top with some baked cod.

There is always music playing at the market and just so many good things to choose from!

Apples are starting to arrive. Hill Orchards had some Molly apples. Similar to Red Delicious.

If I had a dog I would definitely buy him some tasty treats from Jack’s Snacks.

 Anchors away!

I’m looking forward to digging into this week’s bounty. Zoe and I will enjoy some tasty salads this week.

What do like to cook up with your market bounty?

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