Friday could not have come fast enough this past week. It felt so good to get out at lunch and breathe in the crisp Fall air. Actually it was pleasantly warm. It had just rained as I walked through the park behind the building where I work. The leaves already turning, even the resident swan had tucked his head in his feathers preparing for a fall afternoon snooze. 570

Most Fridays find me picking up Zoe after work and heading home to make pizza. This week I was on my own and happily headed to the Providence Athenaeum for their weekly Salons. This week featured, Providence College Associate Professor, Cedric de Leon. He was speaking on topics featured in his new book: “The Origins of Right to Work: Antilabor Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Chicago”.

While I was very interested in what Mr. de Leon had to say (he is an excellent public speaker and I bet a very popular teacher/lecturer), I was a bit preoccupied by the always fabulous snacks offered at the Salons. Most especially the teeny tiny, crustless Quiche squares, perfectly dainty delectable chocolate chip cookies and superb chocolate shortbread. Yes, you can have a glass of wine…..but what I really love is the sherry they serve. Sherry! Not a beverage I have on a regular basis. When in Rome…..


Oh, but which glass to choose?? No really, I actually stood there for a while trying to decide which glass to choose. I love them all, but I was most taken with the lovely red.574Isn’t this gorgeous? I brought my goodies into the main room and tried very hard to pay attention to the talk, but the glass just drew me in. 575

Is that a lighthouse on it? No, a tower? Why? What is the history, and boy does this sherry taste lovely!


My Mother thought I was pretty crazy for taking pics during the talk, but that IS her hand holding up the glass so that I could take a pic of the bunny on the glass. 🙂

The talk ended and I reluctantly delivered my empty glass back to the table. My Mom works at the RISD Museum, and said there was a big celebration going on that we should check out. Rhode Island School of Design had just finished inaugurating its new President and there were food trucks and stands all around the outside of the museum. Seeing as it was Alumni and Family Weekend, it was a pretty bustling event with folks visiting from all over. RISD laid out the treats in style. Featuring New England specialties that I thought were downright delicious.

583 582 580

Against a backdrop that looked like a cool frame of fabric,


Last Good Tooth rocked the crowd. 579

What a fabulous Friday. I was intellectually stimulated, sustained with spectacular nibbles and entertained with some fabulous local music and surrounded with cool people and awesome art. Thanks Providence(and Mom!), what a great night! Bring on the weekend.

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