Cut It All Off

 If all goes well, I’ll be headed back to work on Monday. I can’t wait. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and working will give me the boost I need. I’ve been going thru my wardrobe to see what fits and what I can wear to work……certainly not the fleece pants I’ve been living in for the past several weeks. Next, I needed to check my hair. Do I need a trim or a full on cut? Color or leave it? Frankly, I thought my Oncologist was going to recommend Chemo and if so, bye bye hair! I was worried. I have super thick hair. How would I feel if it all fell out or if it was super super short. It’s just hair after all right? It grows back! 

I thought of Annie Lennox who, at 61, with her famous super short do, is pretty damn kick ass. Have you seen her amazing performance at the 2015 Grammys where she and Hozier performed a mashup of ‘Take Me to Church/I Put a Spell on You? It was epic. She took US to church. 

Hair or no hair, it’s all about confidence. There is no Chemo expected in my immediate future so the hair stays. Since I’m headed back to work, I’m ready for a new do, a new, healthy, me. I called my hairdresser and made an appointment. 

Whenever I’m stressed, angry, or need a boost, I try to listen to music that will take my mind elsewhere and get me pumped up and in a better place. So yesterday, on my way to the Salon, I blasted these faves from a couple more kick-ass awesome musicians and ladies I admire: “Frederick” and “Dancing Barefoot” by the “punk poet laureate” Patti Smith and “Dog Days are Over” by the Rock and soulful Florence + the Machine.

Pumped up and ready for a change, a fresh start, a new and improved: “me”, I walked in to the salon and said: ” Cut it all Off!” It’s funny, after my clean bill of health(at least for the next 6mths), you’d think I’d say, “Don’t take much off! Only an inch.” But as Florence sings in Dog Days: ” You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.” I was ready to cut, to shed a whole mess of ‘stuff’.  I showed my hairdresser, Anneli, a picture of a cut I liked. A modern look. 

After gabbing with her for an hour, I suddenly felt lighter. Anneli started sweeping up my hair and said; “Oh my goodness! Look how much hair we cut off!” It was just the boost I needed. 

Feeling fabulous, I picked up my youngest from school and took her to get her hair cut. She too was loving her new and improved hairdo so we thought we’d take a selfie.  

The picture of health? For now I’ll settle for happy. 

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