Sunny Saturday

I’m finally starting to realize that the changes that occur in one’s life after Cancer can be subtle and slow. I’ll be honest, I did think a lightening bolt would appear in front of me with “instant change and instant improvement”. My impatience shining thru. I’ve also realized that it is time to experience life a bit more and maybe step outside my comfort zone a bit. 

On Friday, I sat at my desk amazed another full week back at work has gone by. I was so happy I’d have a paycheck as well. I want so happy when I looked in the mirror and thought my skin looked a bit dry and wished I could do more about it.

I noticed the Alayne White Spa was having a special “30 Minute Mask Blast” at a great price. I thought “This is perfect!” So I booked one for Saturday morning. I have not pampered myself long before my surgery and thought I really deserved to be . 

I woke up Saturday morn, made some tea and walked down to Elmgrove Ave in Providence to the lovely oasis.  

I checked in, was offered a glass of water and soaked in the scenery before being called in.  

Soon, Lindsey came out to greet me. I could not have asked for a nicer esthetician. She was warm and caring and confident with flawless skin(a great sign!). I took off my shoes and got on the table. Warm blankets were wrapped around me like a cocoon. Under each hand Lindsey placed a warm stone. I thought it was a perfect sign that my favorite Classical piece; Pachebel’s Canon, was playing in the background. I closed my eyes and relaxed. For the next 30min. I relished in the pampering while Lindsey lathered my face and virtually smoothed out my wrinkles(ok, one can only hope!).

Right before I was about to fall asleep from sheer relaxation, it was time to get up. Feeling all aglow, I read some affirmations, thanked the ladies profusely, booked another appointment, 

 and walked home with a hydrated smile on my face. 

I was relieved to walk in my apartment to see that Zoë had made herself some breakfast and was cleaning her room(!).  I’m sure our afternoon plans helped her to motivate herself. We were headed to Bryant University to see the Bryant Bulldogs,  Women’s Basketball team play Mount St. Mary’s. I had recently met one of the coaches, Mary McConnell; one of Bryant’s all-time greats. I was telling her that Zoë and her friends play basketball and cheerlead their school’s undefeated team. She invited us to the game.  

The girls were so excited and had their poster/programs at the ready. This was such an exciting game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a live basketball game and these Lady Bulldogs did not dissapoint.  

While the band played, the team huddled, working out their plays, the girls were rapt in attention.  

Even the mascot was mesmerized and had his ball ready in case he was asked to make a free throw.  

The game had us on the edge of our seats down to the last buzzer. They won; 86-52. The girls rushed out ready to get some autographs.  


Thanks Coach, for an awesome experience. A wonderful opportunity for our girls to meet and watch some great role models.  

We look forward to catching the last home game of the season on Monday. Even though we didn’t play, we certainly worked up an appetite. My friend Pernille suggested we take the girls to The Creperie, a charming place tucked away off of Thayer St. in Providence. They serve up sweet and savory French crepes.  

 The girls ordered Nutella and Banana. They certainly helped themselves to the whipped cream. 

Pernille and I opted for savory crepes. Spinach, Feta, Red Onion and Tomato. Scrumptious.  

Feeling content, with full bellies, Zoë and I dropped our friends off at their house and we headed home. When she and I have a free night we catch up on our favorite shows on demand. Tonight’s special? “Project Runway AllStars”. Perfect for my budding fashion designer. While she cued up the tv, I made myself a cocktail.  

I started with a terrific key ingredient: pure Tangerine juice bottled  by the fabulous Fruitations craft soda and cocktail mixer. I filled a glass with ice, added some tequila, tangerine juice, a splash of orange juice,a squeeze of lime, and topped off with soda water. Perfect. 

Zoë and I put up our feet thinking about our fabulous fun day.  I look forward to getting out more as Spring knocks on our door. In Providence we have so many colleges and universities around us. So plenty of athletic games to watch, performances to take in, galleries to wander around in. We must take more advantage. It goes without saying we’ll enjoy more cozy cafes or divine diners, or fun food trucks. Stepping outside my comfort zone and experiencing more of life is now an essential part of my recovery. Look at the rewards!  


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