Morning Reflection

Despite the snowfall earlier today; Spring is here. A time of renewal, rebirth and growth. This past Thursday I received news that I am still Cancer-free! Time to jump up and down….if only my hip didn’t hurt. I jumped up and down in my head believe me.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, I went on about my business, still feeling stuck on something. Dad was down to go to my Doc appt. with me and after pizza we had a good catch-up over a bit of whiskey.  

Nice, but did not quite clear the mind. I picked up our pizza and while waiting for it, the sky changed into a most amazing color and a rainbow appeared.  

A sign of hope? Or Perhaps my pot of gold is waiting for me to claim it. 

I certainly felt lighter, and less stuck. 

Zoë had a full social calendar this weekend, which kept me busy. I spent much of Saturday grocery shopping, cooking and baking which really calms me. I found my self less caught up in achieving closure and more caught up in how fabulous my chicken marinade was tasting. 

I noticed the spectacular blue Spring sky on Sunday.  

 The puffy soft pussy willows reminded me of Easter Sunday walks to the pond near my Grandmother’s house.  

 Coffee with a friend helped as well as noticing the bright yellow (soon to be covered in snow ) daffodils in my backyard.  


After dropping Zoë off to her Dad’s, I had a long overdue catch-up with my friend Lisa. We live close but had been seeing each other more on social media than real life. So glad we changed that. 

The evening came to an appropriate close with a reading of this spot on relevant article my Coffee friend sent. Entitled, “Embracing the Vernol Equinox.”

I especially loved this part: “It’s important to not see failure in these ventures but to see the courage that it takes to admit when something doesn’t work out as we hoped it would.”

“Sometimes the only choice we have is to simply let go and see what happens when we let it.”

This morning I made a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs  

With veggies and ham.  

 While scrambling I was feeling thankful the snow was light and I did not need to shovel. 

Upon reflection, while sipping my coffee,  

I realized I felt lighter, happier. The wise words from friends, the small everyday observances all add up to a good day, a good life, where we may not always have the answers or closure we seek. But it is not always the end all be all. We have the power to clear our minds and find calm and happiness. 

I sat at my desk today and heard one of my all time faves. Let’s call it our song of the day: “You Can’t Get What You Want Till You Know…” By Joe Jackson: Sometimes you start feeling so lost and lonely. Then you’ll find it’s all been in your mind. 


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