Out and About with Zoë: TGIF

We made it through another work and school week. Zoë and I were feeling pretty beat and tired. Friday nights are pizza nights in our house. We usually make our own and many times have friends over to enjoy our hand-thrown “pies”. Tonight, however, we felt like grabbing a slice ( or two) and then heading home to catch up on our favorite show: “The Amazing Race”. 

Where to go in Providence for the perfect slice? No question: Nice Slice Pizzeria located in the heart of Thayer St. 

It’s a tiny spot with cool graphics on the walls.  

You can order full pies to go, but I find it more fun to look at the different pies and order a few different slices. Depending on what strikes my fancy.

This night we went for the Steak and Bacon pizza with BBQ Sauce and a couple slices of cheese. 

They have a wide variety of sodas and iced teas to choose from. They even have an old-school favorite: RC Cola!!  

We snagged a window seat which allowed us the perfect viewpoint to people watch. Thayer St. is located in the heart of Brown University’s campus and close to RISD, so the street is constantly humming with students and such. 

While listening to Zoë fill me in on the latest 5th grade gossip, I realized I had never fully noticed Avon Cinema’s rooftop. It’s such a cool building.  

We realized we were so hungry we did not take any pictures of our pizza! It’s a crispy/chewy thin crust with just enough sauce and super flavorful toppings. It hits the spot.  

We’ll be back again soon!  


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