Sunday Stromboli

As the Sunday school year comes to an end at First Unitarian Church of Providence, we have been taking some time to thank the Teachers. This morning we hosted a breakfast to thank them, talk about the school year and discuss plans for the future. As the RE Director’s Assistant, It was an obvious choice to have me help with the breakfast. 

And by help, that of course means, cook or bake something! I prefer savory items for breakfast so I was going to make a quiche. However, one of the parents’ volunteered to make one so I had to think of something else. I was out and about Saturday morning and while driving, an idea/recipe popped into my head. A breakfast Stromboli! 

I woke up early this morning and got busy. 

I took the pizza dough out & rolled out on a floured surface.  

I then placed the dough into a sheet pan I sprayed first with canola oil. I then squeezed some Dijon mustard onto the prepared dough. 

After spreading the mustard all around, I carefully placed about 1/2lb of sliced honey ham all over. 

I then sprinkled on some sliced cherry tomatoes, slivered red onions and chopped baby spinach. 

On top of the spinach I layered 1/4lb sliced Swiss cheese. 

I then carefully rolled the dough from one side to the other. Folding the edges at each end to avoid cheese oozing out. 

At this point I recommend you brush the top with an egg wash. I did not so my Stromboli, while cooked through, looked light on the outside rather than golden brown. I baked in a preheated 375degree oven for about 30min. Keep your eye on it. The bottom should be a nice golden color and the crust should not be “doughy”

Boy did this smell good!! I wrapped in tin foil and went off to church. Once it cooled off I placed it on a cutting board, sliced and arranged on a nice serving platter. 

The slices looked beautiful and were very scrumptious. If I was home, I’d probably stick my slices back in the oven just to “toast” them up a bit. No need for a doughy Stromboli in the middle. 

Pretty sure it was a hit with the teachers as there were only 2 slices left! Looks like I’ll add this made up Breakfast Stromboli to my Jen’s Dish repertoire.

I hope  your Sunday was savory, sweet and serene. 

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