Too Hot To Trot

Here in New England we get to enjoy Spring temps for a day and then BOOM; its 80 degrees and hot as heck outside. 

Let’s try to cool off shall we? 

On my lunch breaks at work, I retreat to the private park in the back. A peaceful oasis with slightly rolling hills, a cooling dam & a resident, elusive blue crane. ​

​The geese hangout at the top of the dam. How do they keep from tipping over? It doesn’t even look like a struggle. 

One day I brought my Stubby out with me. A cool refresher and pick-me-up at the same time. 

Reading a (food) magazine clears my head and cools my brain while the brook babbles on. 

The rolling hillside nearby is awfully inviting, but I’m afraid if I laid a towel down to sun myself; I’d either fall-asleep or be riddled with ticks or mosquito bites. 

I could’ve sworn the Teletubbies were going to scamper over the hillside and ask me to play; but no…….. Ok, I’ll go back to work. 

My oldest is back from her Freshman Yr in college and started her summer job. Scooping ice cream at the awesome Three Sisters Cafe. Zoë and ai decided to cool off there on Monday. We checked out the specials before deciding on…..

Dill Pickle!! No! Just kidding….gross! Don’t get me wrong, I love dill pickles but as ice cream? Hmm. Could be a big hit with pregnant women! We opted for a scoop of Wicked Witch: cool and mean and green. 

After licking our cones, and watching the dogs and people go by; we were sufficiently cooled off enough to head home. 

Of course a sultry Spring day could not start out on the right foot if I didn’t brew up some coffee to ice. For Mother’s Day, my fabulous daughter brought me some amazing coffee from Philly. 

This coffee is bright, smooth…divine really. It’s terrific hot and black. 

However, 80 degree weather demands ice in my coffee. Last season I was all about cold brewing the coffee in my French press. This year, after a bit of research reading and taste testing, I’ve determined that brewing strong and then pouring straight over ice is the way to go. 

Of course it tastes better when it’s in my vintage pitcher. 

Just a few suggestions to get you cooled off. 

Hope you all have a great Holiday weekend! 

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