Pardon Our Appearance 

Woo, what a month it’s been! Whatever happened to those “Lazy days of Summer”? No rest for the weary here. Seems like such a mess!

Graduations, Going-away parties, Birthdays and Get-Aways. Phew! 

You may have noticed a slight change in the look of my blog lately…..my webmaster(my 11yr old…she’s so good at this!) and I are still tweaking the look and feel of Jen’s Dish. We are confident we are headed in a good, attractive, direction. 

One step in the right direction has been my business cards, the fabulous folks at Moo put me right at ease as I tried to figure out just the right look for my new cards. I’m pretty darn happy. What do you think? 

The logo has been tweaked from my original. I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my site and more.

Why is it before a vacation we find ourselves running around, finding ourselves overwhelmed with no time to get everything done? 

I tried my best not to get too stressed as I prepped for my big Birthday trip( details coming soon!). In between packing I managed some fun splurge activities like getting my nails done! 

This color was tart Apple. Appropriate I thought. My co-worker brought in a Birthday cake for another co-worker and myself. A super sweet gesture that helped me tackle my last-minute pile. 

I even managed to enjoy a trip to the Farmer’s Market in the midst of packing and organizing. I ran into my friend Gina who is a super-talented cook/baker. She had a huge bunch of garlic scapes in her hands. Garlic scapes are the soft lime-green colored stems and unopened flower buds of hard neck garlic varieties. “Oh, wow,” I said, “That’s a lot of scapes! What will you do with them all?” “I’m making a garlic scape pesto!” Gina said passionately. It’s amazing, she concluded. Well lo and behold, later on that day some pesto ended up at my doorstep. Gina told me one side was spicy and the other regular. This pesto is pungent so make sure your partner has some as well so as not to knock him or her out with your intense garlic breath! If you’re enjoying by yourself, smear on everything!! ( check out http://www.epicurious.com for an easy recipe)

I toasted some 7Stars Bakery Sourdough bread and slathered it on. Pretty sure I didn’t even sit down to eat it was that good.

I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. I kept imagining different dishes to make using it. 

I came up with a super scrumptious, quick and easy to make, pasta dish using the pesto. I first sliced zucchini and Italian chicken sausage. I then reached into my pantry for my jar of Seggiano Roasted Tomatoes

These are oven roasted cherry tomatoes. I knew they’d impart a sweetness needed to offset the intense garlic taste. A divine combo really. 

I sautéed my ingredients together while water was boiling for my spaghetti. 

Once the spaghetti was done, I drained the pasta, added the sautéed vegetables and sausage and added a big dollop of pesto. 

The flavored melded so well and the pesto had a natural creaminess to it. I tried my best not to inhale my supper. It was that good. While I was slurping up every last pesto-coated strand of spaghetti; Gina texted to say, “You must try the pesto combined with plain cream cheese and spread on a toasted everything bagel. It’s outrageous!” Luckily I had just enough pesto left. I bought my bagel and gave it a try the next day. Oh my good gracious was that ever great! I’m still dreaming of it. 

While I’m enjoying new flavors, I still have more to do to get ready for my big trip! Stay tuned…… 

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