Pop Goes My Car

It should be Pop goes the 4th!! What s fabulous weekend! Actually the title is also misleading…..my car actually made no popping sound, no sound at all. It was just silent. But I digress…

After having a great night out on Friday, I woke Saturday to the sound of my alarm. Much too early for my liking on this Holiday weekend. My car needed an inspection though, so I popped out of bed and drove down to Speedee Oil which is on a first-come, first-served basis. I arrived at 8:20 and already had to wait. 

90min later, the iced coffee in my mason jar sucked dry, the mechanic called me in. Don’t you hate that part?! “You’re going to need some work done….it’s gonna cost you: $$$$$.” The good news, my car passed inspection. The bad news, I need an alternator….or do I? I had been having trouble starting the car. The battery had been checked and was fine. A new alternator? Well that’ll cost you a (whopping) $580( !!!!!!). “I’m gonna have to think about it.” I told the mechanic. 

With a drastically changed mood I went home, made some toast, drank some more coffee and headed out to get a Birthday present for my oldest. An hour later, gift in hand, I strolled over to my car, got in, put the key in and….and…..and….ok, this is fine. Let’s take a break, maybe say a little prayer and…NOTHIN’ Dead as a, well just dead. But wait, I was just at the mechanic, how could THIS HAPPEN?!!! Sigh, thank god for AAA. Mario showed up. He hooked up my battery and started his eval. “You’re gonna need a tow, and that quote Speedy gave you is WAY too high. The sun was now beating down, I had to pee and was ‘dying’ of thirst. Mario called me a tow, I thanked him, said goodbye and waited and waited. My tow finally arrived. 

I hopped into the cab of the truck and John the driver told me it was the starter and not the alternator then recommended a reliable garage that ended up being a 8min walk from home! 

I signed over my car, said my thanks to my tow guy and walked home. By now I’m physically drained and emotionally low. What’ll cheer me up? Lunch on the slanted porch. I pulled from my pantry and fridge and cobbled together a scrumptious lunch. Sliced local mozzarella, tomatoes and a drizzle of my fave Pesto. I had some baked potatoes in my fridge so I shredded one for some yummy hash browns, and poured myself a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. Time for a deep breath. 

Ah, I feel better now. That being said, I was in no mood to go out. After cleaning a bit, I realized I needed a pick me up. I had a little bit of vanilla ice cream, little bit of coffee left and some coffee cubes. Let’s whir it all in a blender for a refreshing creamy, icy treat. 

What’s on the tube? 

Oh nothing. Thank goodness I rented a movie. 

You can still do that you know! It’s not all about Netflix…. 

Feeling inspired and hungry, I decided to grill for 1st time this season. Once I rescued it from the neighbors wandering ivy, I heated it up and threw on some sliced zucchini, summer squash, green peppers and chicken sausage. Simple.

I had some spinach and baby arugula just waiting to be wilted. 

I sliced up some of my grilled veggies and a sausage link and placed on top of the greens. 

Healthy and delicious. At this point I had almost forgotten about my dead car, spending the night in a stranger’s garage.  

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