What a great feeling Sunday morning, to know the weekend is young! So much to do…..with no car….No problem, Mom is always up for going out and about with me. That’s pretty much where I got my spontaneity and love of exploring! 

After a yummy breakfast with Emma on the porch, Mom picked me up and off we went to explore a new antiques and vintage store called, POP

Tucked away in Providence, on a quiet street(on the weekend anyway), near Valley St, lies a wonderful Curated treasure trove of pop culture. 

Proprietor Darren Hill has amassed a dazzling array of antiques and vintage items from every category you can think of. Every nook and cranny has something cool you either used to own, wanted to own or need to own!! In order to make your humble abode THAT much cooler. 

I mean I’m pretty sure I NEED this Citgo sign in my house! 

This cool dude wants my kids to learn how to cook. 

You guys! The Rich Bobinski Band is headlining tonight!! You know how much I love a good Polka Band. I could use a good cup of joe right about now. 

Careful around the corner, you never know who or what you might run into!

Who knew this was the picture of good health? 

There was so much more, but you’ll have to venture over to POP to see for yourself. Across the hall they have a way cool gallery space. Susan Dwyer had her original Mid-Century inspired paintings on display. 

I spied a corner with Bob hanging out. 

The space is just begging for a party! 

We worked up a craving for ice cream, so we went to Three Sisters. Maple Latte was a special. Delicious! 

It’s time to break in the hammock. 

After a quick cat-nap, I woke up with a great plan for what to cook up with my leftover grilled veggies and chicken sausage. 

I started by cutting up some fresh and local Mozzarella and naturally sweet and flavorful oven-roasted cherry tomatoes and placed in bowl with some good olive oil. 

While I had some penne cooking, I cut up the leftover grilled sausages, zucchini, summer squash and green pepper. 

I gave that mixture a quick sautée in the skillet. 

I drained the penne and added it to the bowl. 

I added the sausage and veggie mixture and tossed. 

Then came a dollop of pesto. The mozzarella melted a bit, the pesto incorporated into the ridges of the pasta and the indents in the sausage slices. Scrumptious especially while wearing these snazzy palazzo pants I acquired from Emma. 

My visit to POP propelled me to move some furniture around. If only to fit some new treasures I might find on my next visit! 

Monday morning arrived…day off! Woohoo! Happy for my coffee date with my friend Rebecca aka The Bagel Lady. I said hello to my downstairs neighbor, Sarah aka Cutie Pie 

She wanted to wish me a Happy 4th of July. Coffee and conversation was wonderful but this Strawberry Danish was simply divine. 

Since I was still car-less, my friend Erin picked me up so I could join she and her husband and daughter for a cookout. Raoul poured the Rosé. 

We caught up and chatted about the moths that seemed to be flying around by the dozens. Luckily, not 1 flew in my drink. 

More Rosé please! 

For dinner we had grilled portobello mushrooms, peppers and onions, pasta salad and perfectly grilled flank steak. 

Elise loved her dinner. 

She was happily anticipating the strawberries and pound cake. 

I was most excited for the chocolate. I was enamoured with their new vintage package design. Raoul, who works for Neuhaus, said it is based on an original design from 1915.

The chocolate paired well with a bottle of Stella. 

To finish the night, Erin gave me a tour inside to see their latest renovations and some of her newest Paintings.

Feeling inspired, feeling the love, I headed home to get to bed. A great weekend after all. Despite a dead car. One can always find a bright side. 

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