Slice of Life

This past Saturday,  Zoë donned my Aspen hat and off we went to NH to visit my Dad, Step-Mom and my Aunt Carol who was visiting from Florida. It was a pretty decent day, with no traffic, which is always a good thing. After having brunch at my Aunt Di’s house and gazing at the newest baby in the family, (being held by Cousin Joanie),

we asked Dad if he could give us a tour of his studio. We wanted to see his latest paintings. 

The sun was streaming in just enough to get a clear view of the work. 

I must not have been to the studio in a while as there were so many new works. A vibrant, colorful phase was first to catch my eye. My Dad has always been an abstract painter and has used various textures and colors all along. But this particular grouping had a sharp bold vibrancy Zoë and I just loved. We all had a viceral reaction to what we were looking at. 

My Aunt Carol is an artist as well and really enjoyed seeing my Dad’s work and how it has evolved over the years. 

The one above is one of my favorites. 

I liked checking out his work station. Almost like a Scientist’s laboratory where colors are blended and the pallets are perfected. 

He then showed us his newest paintings. A stark contrast to the bright, bold textures and colors we had just seen. 

Here he is telling us about this piece and that he isn’t quite sure it is finished yet. 

With the state of affairs lately, the violence, the politics, the chaos around us, these latest paintings almost speak to that. Almost make a statement with their bold starkness. This one; this one moved me. It’s depth of texture was intense. 

My Dad explains his process: 

“Dripping and pouring . Often off  the ladder or stool. The work is usually on the floor . This gives me certain freedom that encourages me to be spontaneous. If I get an idea, I try to do it without judgement and analysis. ” 

Music plays a big part in my Dad’s life. It’s usually on as he’s painting. Most likely it’s Bob

It’s inspiring to see my Dad pursuing his passion. Not for money or fame but for the love of it. We can all learn a thing or two from him. What gets you up in the morning? What do you love? How can you incorporate your passion into your life? Seems to me if you can find something that brings you joy and work on it, work with it, it will enrich your life and help you to live longer and happier. Don’t forget to check out the Yak Cheese on your way out! 

Dad picked that up on a trek in Katmandu. I think he said the cheese was pretty good! 

No visit to my Parents’ house is complete without a yummy dinner. My Dad grilled some chicken thighs and mushrooms. 

We toasted with a nice glass of red. 

And before she could take a bite, Zoë had to take a pic of her dinner( Naturally!!).


We capped off the evening with an old school slide show(!). Yes indeed the screens and carousels do still exist. I have to say it was pretty cool! Pics of our cross-country road trip when I was Zoë’s age. Pics of my Dad’s first climbing trip to Chamonix-Mt. Blanc. 

Even my first dog; Smokey!

Happy Birthday Dad! Still the coolest guy I know. 

My Dad’s website was recently hacked(!!) shortly after it was launched, but it should be up again soon. Feel free to check it out: Douglas Huntley. Or check out below for more info. 

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